Uniform Complaint Procedures, Annual Notice 2018-2019

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Uniform-Complaint-Procedures-ANNUAL-NOTICE-2018-19 (English)

Uniform-Complaint-Procedures-ANNUAL-NOTICE-2018-19 (Spanish)


It is the intent of Child Development Resources (CDR), including Child Care Providers, to fully comply with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

Individuals, agencies, organizations, students, interested third parties, and including Child Care Providers, have the right to file a complaint regarding CDR’s alleged violation of federal and/or state laws. This includes allegations of unlawful discrimination (Education Code sections 200 and 220 and Government Code section 11135) in any program or activity funded directly by the State or receiving federal or state financial assistance.

Complaints must be signed and filed in writing with the State Department of Education.

California Department of Education

Early Care and Education Division

Complaint Coordinator

1430 N Street, Suite 3410

Sacramento, CA 95814


If the complainant is not satisfied with the final written decision of the California Department of Education, remedies may be available in federal or state court. The complainant should seek the advice of an attorney of his/her choosing in this event.

A complainant filing a written complaint alleging violations of prohibited discrimination may also pursue civil law remedies, including, but not limited to, injunctions, restraining orders, or other remedies or orders.


Note: All Child Care providers are required to post this notice prominently at their facilities.

Legal Reference: 5 CCR, Chapter 5.1. Uniform Complaint Procedures