Meet our Board of Directors

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The Board of Directors is comprised of 10 members who are responsible for governance of our organization. Board members come from widely diverse backgrounds within the community. They bring with them a wealth of varied expertise, giving the Board a broad perspective in providing direction to our agency and overseeing our programs.

When a Board seat is vacant, prospective Board members may be recommended by others or may apply on their own. A Review Board interviews candidates and makes recommendations to the full Board regarding their appointment.

Board members are elected to serve a three-year term and may serve on one of several standing committees. The Board meets monthly, as do the committees for Finance, Investment, Personnel and Program Review. Ad Hoc committees may be created and meet as needed for a specific short-term purpose.

The Policy Council shares decision-making authority with the Board of Directors for Head Start programs. The Policy Council consists of parents currently or formerly participating in Head Start programs and general community members. Policy Council members are elected at the first parent meeting in the Fall of each school year.

The Policy Council is responsible for approving the submission of grants, the budget portion of parent activities, hiring and termination of staff and program options and proposed policies relating to programs.